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Welcome to the Crafty Crew!





We are one of the many social groups available to members of 3Cs to join.

Our logo represents our group's fundamental mission to Inspire, Create, and SMILE! 

Our group is made up of crafters who LOVE to craft and LOVE to have fun!

We meet once a month and take turns teaching each other new crafting projects.

(Don't worry!  You only have to teach if you want to!)

Annual dues are $15.00 and we charge $5.00 per month (which goes to 3Cs)

to attend our monthly crafting project meetings. 

Since we meet at the Elks Lodge, we also ask each member to donate $1 each month
which goes to the Elks Lodge for allowing us to use their space.

Project supplies are in addition to the monthly project class fee, but if you don't want to make the chosen month's project, no problem!  You can work on your own project and "Open Craft."  Open Crafting is open to Crafty Crew members who want to spend time with our project attendees and just work on their own project(s). 
The fee to open craft is the same to project attendees ($5 to 3Cs, plus $1 Elks donation)

We meet the fourth Friday of each month at the Elks Lodge on Prairie. 

Crafting starts at 10:00 a.m. 

Bring a lunch or a snack and enjoy time with fellow crafters!

We are always looking for new craft ideas,

so don't hesitate to share your projects with us!

If you would like to join our group, email us at

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